Must-try Dessert Cafes in Samcheong-dong 

Hello there! I blogged about Samcheong-dong the other day, and figured that I should post how my cafe hopping went separately to emphasize the mouthwatering combination of desserts and coffees I tasted during my trip. Yes, I never say no when offered sweets and a coffee lover too.

Where I went is just a portion of countless cafes Samcheong-dong has to offer, but I can assure you that these cafes I listed are worth the visit.

Tip#1 ✔: Cafes offer free wifi, ask for the password in the counter when you order.

Tip#2 ✔: You need to check whether you need to clean your table after eating. There are bins located at the corner of cafes that indicates where you can place the trays, dirty plates, cups and leftover food.

1. Latteya Coffee

Looked small on the outside but a lot spacious inside. Located near Kiehl’s store, Latteya Coffee offers cakes and bubble teas. It has 2nd floor which was almost empty by the time I got there (early morning), so I was able to capture good photos of the place.

And ofcourse you can’t miss the tempting rainbow cake on their menu.

Rainbow cake priced at KRW 7500 and the bubble tea is at KRW 5000.

2. Coffee Faktory

Modern meets traditional is Coffee Faktory’s concept. You will be welcomed with a large coffee machine, and modernized walls and tables.

There’s an alley at the end which directs you to the hanok part of the cafe.

Both have counters on which you can order and choose where to eat. I chose to eat at the hanok side, as the lighting was brighter and perfect for chilling out.

The waffle and burger were one of the best I’ve tasted and no doubt, I’ll be back there again. I wasn’t able to take note of the individual prices for these (sorry for that!) but the total price is KRW 28,600.

3. CACADEW coffee & culture

Best example of hanok cafe. The exterior looks great with its intricate design, plus simple and close to traditional interior.

Apparently, they served it different from what I anticipated (they looked great in mugs I saw in the menu), but wow they taste lovely. Must tries are Sweet Potato Latte (KRW 5000) and Rich Marron Latte (KRW 5500).

4. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cafe

Need I say more? It’s chocolate, king of all desserts ♕. Lol!

This cafe basically fulfills every chocolate lovers’ cravings with its great selection of chocolates and sweets, and can cover a lot of customers with their multiple floors of available seats plus roof garden.

Huge selections of chocolates, candy apples, coffees and other drinks you can choose from.

First time trying candy apple and it was better that I expected. Thought it would be too sweet but the apple complimented the taste of the caramel dip and almonds. ♡

Prices are: Almond apple (KRW 8000), Iced Latte Rocky Mountain (KRW 6500), Chocolate truffles (KRW 4700 each) and Chocolate rose (KRW 2700).

5. Queens Garden

Different from the cafes above, Queens Garden’s concept is more of European style with its classy and intricate interiors that makes you feel like a royalty upon entering the place.

Again, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take note of the price individually but the total is KRW 17,500. Pricey for dessert, as the place looked high-end, but it’s worth it! ✩

There you go! Hope to hear what you think. Happy eating! ♡

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