Seoul Cafe Guide for Food Lovers

Hi there! I previously blogged about dessert cafe must-tries in Samcheong-dong, and you don’t think that that’s the end of it right? Lol! There would be lots and lots of cafe suggestions you will encounter when you’re trying to search for one, which can’t be helped, given that there are no exact and right places to visit in Seoul, only options for you to try.

Koreans are known to be dessert and coffee lovers. They seemed to have no limit in their imagination, that even though there are countless cafes everywhere in Seoul, each caters unique style and creativeness. They just don’t serve sweets, they serve breads too! What I also love is how their food tastes the same with how they look, delicious! ✩

Here are some I went to during my trip:

1. Hello Kitty Cafe

Great start, isn’t it? ♡

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This popular character has been taking the hearts of women of all ages by storm and now to another level with food. Designed with stuffed toys, ribbons, pink and red interiors, dessert lovers will be all giddy seeing it, just like me. It is located in different branches, I tried ones that are in Sinchon and Myeong-dong.

Myeong-dong branch has a girlier feel with its all pink interiors,  chandeliers, flowers and cute wallpapers.

Total cost for the apple tart and coffee is KRW 8,000.

Sinchon branch has a homey feel to it.

Prices are: Croque Monsieur (KRW 6,000), Choco Harmony Mousse cake (KRW 11, 000), Tiramisu (KRW 5, 500), Caramel Latte(KRW 5, 000) and Cookies & Cream Crunch (KRW 6, 500).

They also have space for customers to shop through variety of Hello Kitty items.

The interior of every cafe is so different with each other that will make you curious what each would look like (which I spoiled 2 of them by the way, Lol!). But nonetheless, very eye candy and worthy to be #1 on the list!

2. Snob

I accidentally saw this while strolling the streets. It was lightly raining, the wind kept on blowing and it was late October, so imagine how cold that day was! Lol!

The cafe exterior looks great (my kind of taste) and it was pretty crowded inside so I assumed that their menu was pretty tasty (which was a YES when we got our order).

You can order through their list of cakes, and redirect you on the 2nd floor to order drinks. Payment can be settled before you leave. I ordered Lava cake and Iced Vanilla Latte despite the cold weather, must be crazy. Lol!

Lava cake and Vanilla Latte total cost is KRW 11, 300.

How to get there → get off Sangsu Station Line 6 Exit #2. Turn Right and walk straight. The cafe is located at your left side.

3. Cafe Ginkgo Avenue

Purple is probably one of my least favorite color, then I saw this cafe. Along the streets of Sinsa-dong, Ginkgo Avenue is located at the 2nd floor of a building with striking purple and floral exterior. Customers can eat inside or out in the balcony.

They use Häagen-Dazs ice cream for the waffle and you can choose what flavor you like. Total cost was KRW 18,000.

4. Cafe de Paris

The name itself tells it all, the sleek interior is full of miniature Eiffel towers and other vintage decors. Tried the one located at the busiest district Myeong-dong, the cafe was pretty crowded and it occupies 2nd and 3rd floors.

Chocolate Mousse costs KRW 5,500, Vanilla Latte and Cafe Mocha cost KRW 5,500 each.

5. Passion 5

This seriously was my first time getting confused on what dessert to choose! Located at Itaewon, Passion 5 is like the king of all dessert cafes! I have heard alot about it and know that it is popular in Seoul, but seeing it in person really proved it. They serve like a hundred kinds of breads and pastries, from cakes to tarts to eclairs and everything! The concept is like buffet style where you’re free to pick what you like in a tray and pay it at the cashier when you’re finished choosing. I didn’t take pictures on how the store looks inside, which I regret badly! What I also regret was that I didn’t order any chocolate and I don’t know how did that happen (Lol! I’ll update this post when I get back there).  The interior looks high-end and each dessert is of high quality, look and taste wise (pricey though).

Total cost for these cakes is KRW 22, 300 and Cafe Latte is KRW 9,000.

How to get there → get off Hangang-jin station Exit#3. Walk straight, you’ll be able to see a huge “red bird” in front of a building to your left, that’s where it is located.

6. Thanks Nature Cafe

Swarming with young crowd as it is located in Hongdae, this cafe lets its customers feel somehow close to nature by having live sheeps outside.

Croque Monsieur is KRW 5,000 each and Mint Chocolate Frappucino costs KRW 6,000.

How to get there → get off Hongik Univ Station Line 2 Exit#9. Turn left at the first intersection and walk towards the University’s main gate.

7. Artisée Cafe Deli Pattiserie

You can check this cafe when you’re in COEX mall. It opens early and serves breads and pastries perfect for breakfast.

Classic Salad bread is KRW 4,600, Cheese Sausage bread is 4,800 and Vanilla Latte is KRW 5,500.

Finally done with my third post! I’m so happy to share with you that my previous posts gain lots of love which makes me more motivated to do better and hope you, my dear readers, would look forward to the next ones. Thank you and happy eating! ♡

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