The Best Comfort Food: Crazy Good Ice Creams in Seoul

I know I’m not helping with your diet plans, but I can’t help it! I’m a sucker for sweets and as Seoul offers the best and cute desserts, I wouldn’t miss trying out different ice cream I can eat while I’m on the trip. Well, I went there last October, and apparently that month wasn’t the best time for cold desserts because it’s in fall season, but you know as they say, the best time for ice cream is anytime. ♡

1. Milky Bee

Popular for its rose shaped ice cream, this shop never runs out of customers. I tried one in Myeong-dong which is located below the restaurant we ate lunch at, very easy to find once you stroll around the area.

You can choose 2 or 3 flavors for the ice cream. 3 flavored costs KRW 6,000.

2. Kiss My Tiramisu

Located beside Line Friends Store in Hongdae, Kiss My Tiramisu sells ice cream with tiramisu cake placed in a classy wine glass. It’s a kiosk type and the ice cream can be eaten on the go! ♡

This ice cream costs KRW 4,900.

3. Line Friends Store & Cafe

My favorite store to visit when I’m in Seoul. I just love the Line Friends characters, especially Brown! I actually never exit the store without buying anything, be it an item or food (will be posting separately for this). Their desserts are just too cute to eat! ♡

Visit Line Cafe in Sinsa-dong. They also have Cony (bunny) version for their ice cream. This costs KRW 3,800.

4. Remicone

We’ve been all familiar with fancy and pastel colored cotton candy on ice cream. Well, Remicone serves the opposite, bringing rocker vibe on your cup!

Their best seller, Thunder Bomb ↑, and their Halloween special, Devil Bomb ↓, costs KRW 6,100 each. Best eaten when mixed together. ♡

5. Footlong Soft Serve Ice Cream

Perfect for big eaters. I ate one from Myeong-dong as I got curious that despite the cold weather, customer line was long (and it never runs out everytime I pass by it). They have different flavors mixed with vanilla ice cream sold for about KRW 2,000 – KRW 2,500.

6. Ice Cream Waffle

Tired of typical ice cream cones? Try ones with waffle. You can buy one along Myeong-dong. The stalls start their business in the afternoon where different street foods are sold. I tried one with fish shaped waffle and honeycomb which costs KRW 4,000. Yum!

7. Ice Factory

Located in front of Lotte World entrance, this ice cream kiosk sells cute ice cream bars.

This Crunch Chocolate ice cream bar costs KRW 4,000.


Save the best for last. This premium chocolate brand is now in an ice cream! The ultimate solution for that time of the day when you crave chocolate so bad.

This Double Chocolate Raspberry and Rose ice cream is so good you won’t be satisfied with just one ♡. It costs KRW 6,300.

Happy eating! ♡